About Aken

Aken Looking Cheesy in May 2021
New haircut, who dis?

What's shakin', it's Aken!

(Yeah I said it! Silly intros aren't limited to YouTubers.)

I'm an experienced full-stack software engineer, writing about my efforts to achieve a goal of having five business stakes / revenue streams by age 40. I'm 38 now and I haven't been trying all that hard yet, so it's going to be tougher now than before. But who doesn't enjoy a challenge?

I have been doing professional web development for nearly 20 years, with an emphasis on e-commerce and a passion for Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and products. I'm currently focused full-time on becoming an entrepreneur, and would love to network with you.

I hope, through my journey, I can help you learn more about:

  • Developing, maintaining, and growing a digital product
  • General information about SaaS, products, business, e-commerce, and more
  • What it takes to become a senior software engineer
  • Me!

Outside of my professional life, I:

  • Am a husband and father 👨‍👩‍👧
  • Play recreational tennis at a high NTRP 3.0 level, working towards 3.5 🎾
  • Collect LEGO and other cars/toys/nonsense 🧱
  • Enjoy being terrible at drums and piano 🥁
  • Travel when I can; most recently to Vietnam 🇻🇳