What am I not doing now that I'd like to explore or pursue later?


Different jobs or income opportunities that intrigue me:

šŸŽ™ļø Voiceover work - television, audiobooks
šŸ“š Professional reading - editor, proofing, marketing reviews


āœšŸ¼ Creative writing - a handful of short story ideas are sprinkled in my backlog
šŸŽØ Drawing, coloring - used to draw a lot in school, and never much since šŸ™
šŸ“ø Photography - I've always had a casual interest in it, but rarely focused on growing my knowledge and experience
šŸ›ļø Architecture & interior design - I used to draw floor plans as a kid, and I want to be better at interior design and styling

Travel & Exploration

šŸŒŽ Travel - too many places to list. Need to just do it more, period.
šŸ”­ Astronomy

Reach out if you'd like to connect over any of these shared interests!