What am I doing now? As of February 13, 2024:

Life Updates

I lost my full-time software engineering job in September 2023. Since then I've been attempting the solo entrepreneur track of self-sustaining income. Still at $0 revenue, but actively working on projects and seeing what sticks.

This February I joined Indie Hackathon, where a small group attempts to build, market, and sell an idea over the month of February. I'm being overzealous and working on two projects: ToyAPI & Stay Woven. Read about those projects and others below.

I joined the Small Bets community and am networking locally and online. Introduce yourself, I'd love to meet you, too!

I've been taking lessons with a new tennis instructor, and it has helped my game tremendously. Having the most fun ever with tennis! 🎾 Current NTRP ranking: 3.0. I haven't played a competitive match since the summer, before starting these lessons, so I'm excited to see how much I can increase my ranking in 2024. This will be the second year I captain a summer tennis league. Hoping we can secure more wins this time around!

In sad news, we lost a beloved family pet, our cat Samy. I got her around the same time my wife and I met, so this is the first loss in our family since. We'll miss her dearly.


Become a Senior Engineer – An educational resource and community for software engineers looking to level to Senior++.

Stay Woven – Strengthen the quality of your connections and your influence among them with this personal relationship manager app.

Spend Better – Find businesses that align with your values, so you can feel better about where your spent money is going. Read the one-week build blog.

ToyAPI – A data API for toys! A pet project as a LEGO collector and fan. Not really sure where it'll go, but something fun to make for a couple weeks.

More to come.