Dancing in the Window
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Dancing in the Window

Dancing in the Window

One recent evening, while my wife and I were driving home, we passed an apartment building. One apartment had a large open window, clearly lit and easily seen into.

In the room were two young people, maybe teenagers, dancing.

Probably playing Just Dance or a similar dance video game. Just rocking out, having a good time at home.

I saw this, while my wife was paying attention to something else. I shared what I saw with her, because I love seeing things like that. People just living their lives with joy, unconcerned about being seen or judged.

Those singular moments of time can live in your memory forever. Nothing important happened. No milestone or intense emotion. Only an observation.

I said at the time to my wife that I love how your mere existence on this planet can affect someone else. Here I was enjoying and then sharing a random observation. A moment of happiness given to me by another, completely unaware of my existence.

I’ve had dozens, maybe hundreds of these moments. Seeing a cute dog being walked. A genuine smile shared by a passer-by. Overhearing an amusing conversation. Just today I was smiling at the silly back-and-forth between a mother and daughter ahead of me as we boarded a flight. (Hello, I’m writing this from the plane 👋🏼 ✈️)

The next time my wife and I drove by that window at night, we both looked to see if they were dancing again. They weren’t (darn!), but we enjoyed another silly moment together as a couple. A moment that wouldn’t have existed without two complete strangers enjoying a dance at home.

These strangers changed our lives. In a minuscule way, sure. But the scope of impact doesn’t matter to me. It’s fascinating that it happens in the first place, and more often than we realize.

Imagine how many times you have had the same impact on others.

Hopefully that doesn’t scare you. It shouldn’t! Living your life happily is the whole friggin’ point.

Wear the fun outfit. Have a silly conversation in public. Smile more. Be happy out loud.

It might make someone else happy, too.