Crappy Software Motivates Me
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Crappy Software Motivates Me

I vented today in an entrepreneur group chat about how my domain registrar keeps sending me renewal and expiration emails after I have fully transferred a domain away from them.

This is why I'm transferring away from you! 😡

Another member shared an article by Jason Fried of 37signals along that same vein:

Why am I still doing this?
I’ve been doing this for 25 years, so I’ll often be asked why I’m still in it and how I stay motivated. It ain’t the money, as I’ve been fortunate enough to make more than I’ll ever be able to spend. I enjoy the work and we have a great crew, each a true pleasure to work with. I remain filled with i…
I’m still doing this because the world is flooded with overpriced, crappy, subpar software. It hurts people and it hurts the economy.

I feel a moral obligation to do what I can to replace bad options with great options, at vastly reduced prices.

So hell yeah I’m motivated. And the more bad stuff I bump into, or even great stuff with silly numbers attached, the more motivated I get. It’s a deep well that keeps on providing.

Amen, Jason. I look forward to emulating your success.