Dungeons & Dragons Brings People Together
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Dungeons & Dragons Brings People Together

Yesterday, while attending a birthday party at a roller skating place, my wife and I both wore swag from Critical Role, a very popular Dungeons & Dragons streaming show.

In less than two hours:

  • A mom at the party and her daughter talked about enjoying D&D and starting a home campaign soon
  • A guy who is the Dungeon Master for his campaign said hi, and we exchanged contact info (I've never played, and want more friends in the space)
  • Another guy had on the exact same hoodie as me

I've watched Critical Role for a few years now, and I only know one other local person who has heard of it and enjoys D&D. To have three separate people at a random location share in the fandom was very spontaneous and inspiring.

I'm looking forward to meeting more people in the space, and eventually play myself!

D&D is magical sometimes. 🧙🏼‍♂️

Too bad that magic didn't extend to the birthday party. My friend and his mom both fell and broke their wrists during that time. Ouch. 🤕

Too bad our party didn't include a cleric capable of casting Healing Word. They'll have to deal with the American healthcare system instead. 🏥