Recognizing A Great Meal
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Recognizing A Great Meal

Recognizing A Great Meal

A couple days ago, I went on a date night with my wife at a local restaurant neither of us had been to. While there, I overheard a woman absolutely gushing about her experience to her server. "This meal has been phenomenal! Everything was amazing!"

Hearing this made me consider my own experience thus far (I believe we were enjoying our entrées at the time). Was this meal phenomenal or amazing to me?

My initial reaction was no. A definitively good meal, but not phenomenal or amazing.

Thing is, the meal had been pretty great. The restaurant had a comfortable ambiance. The table was comfortable. The drinks we tried were refreshing. The appetizers and entrées were well-portioned, presented with style, and delicious. The service was fantastic.

Why did I hesitate to match sentiments with the patron I overheard? Have I had meals that were so much better, this objectively-lovely meal could hardly compare? Am I a food snob? Do I have impossible standards that won't allow any meal to achieve such status?


In actuality, I've been too pessimistic lately. Too focused on the negative aspects of my life to appreciate the positive.

This was a great meal. I needed to reframe my mind to recognize it.

Don't let whatever is bringing you down consume you. Of course those things matter, of course they impact your day. That's okay.

Just don't let them prevent you from recognizing all the great in your life.

Over the years, we all collect random anecdotes, pieces of advice from a book or website, etc. Here are two that I'm reminded of after this experience:

  1. Take a photo of what made you most happy today. Recognize those people, moments, things. And remember: no sense of happiness is too small.
  2. Manifestation can be powerful. When someone asks how your day is, say it's a great day, even if you don't believe it yourself. You'll start having more great days.

Also, shout out to The Edison Milwaukee and our server Colleen for a wonderful date locale and experience. 🙂

My never-hesitant-to-call phenomenal wife! ❤️