Spend Better: Days 5 & 6
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Spend Better: Days 5 & 6

With an expected short amount of work time on Day 5, I've made good progress on my smaller items to-do list over these two days.

  • Capture search history – tracking search history allows us various improvement capabilities:
    • Identify gaps in our content, improving the user experience (people like matches to what they're looking for)
    • Detect market trends
    • Improve synonyms and variants to ensure content matches how people search
    • Adjust search algorithms as needed
  • Draft & Published Listing status – now I can start to enter businesses I don't have all the details for yet, and publish them when ready
  • Improved mobile styling – specifically in the Search form:
  • Handle unrecognized zip codes – specific messaging shows we noticed:

This brings us to Day 7!

Before launching, the largest thing on my to-do list is to establish a means of contacting me. I want to know what people are looking for, what businesses I should include, what questions people have. Talking to your customers is key.

After that and some minor details that I always realize I should have on a live website, launching is final priority!

Time to go to market 🚀