Spend Better: Days 7 & 8 🚀
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Spend Better: Days 7 & 8 🚀

I was so close to my one-week goal...

But, that doesn't matter. Because SpendBetter.com is live!

On Day 7 I fully intended on launching, and I got close. Settling down to work later in the day, I had the website live before realizing I installed the wrong database software. 🤦🏼 On the verge of bedtime, I decided to wrap up the next day.

Thus, Day 8 – November 9th, 2023 – became the official launch date of Spend Better. 🙌🏼 The fresh provision went smoothly, the inevitable launch day bugs were minimal and easily resolved, and a few listings became the inaugural data set.

Shout out again to Laravel Forge for being able to easily spin up the needed servers, and then do it all over again after I goofed up the first time.

I'm proud that I stuck with this one-week goal. Historically I've been pretty shitty at follow-through. Being able to write this post is more gratifying than I expected. And thank you for reading!

What's next? Listings! All the listings! A curated directory is useless without any curated content. Time to capture all my favorite places, meet business owners, talk to intrigued users, and see where this adventure takes me next.

I have more planned, and I'm deliberately choosing to not share those plans here for two reasons:

  1. I want to talk to customers and iterate with insight. My current plans might be the wrong path to take.
  2. Talking about your plans makes you less likely to do them.

Contact me if you'd like to see something on Spend Better, and follow along for whatever comes next! 💙